Imagine going to Florida for your exchange

Area Request in the Sunshine State

Florida is renowned around the world as a tourist destination. White sandy beaches, warm waters, vibrant cities, friendly culture and famous attractions like Universal Studios and Disneyland also make this a wonderful place to do a student exchange! On our USA Classic exchange program, you can make an area request and Florida is very popular. You’ll always have something fun to do after school or on the weekend of your exchange program.

Florida area request on the Classic High School program is available on a first come, first serve basis. If space is available, we’ll place you with a welcoming host family who live in Florida. There is an additional fee, but you’ll only pay that add on once your Florida placement is confirmed. Get in touch with us as early as possible to book your interview and save your spot.

Perfect for students who:

  • Want an American cultural immersion experience living with an American host family
  • Create friendships that will last the rest of your life
  • Hope to study high school in Florida
  • Do not need to choose a specific school
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Living with a Florida host family

On our USA Classic High School program, no matter where you are placed, we’ll place you with a carefully screened host family who is eager to share their home and culture with you. You’ll attend a school near the host family. In addition to your host family, you’ll be assigned to a Local Coordinator who will be your support contact throughout your program from beginning to end.

Hear from our previous exchange students in USA


Anika shares her experience from her student exchange with SCCE in USA.

Read her story here.


“The New York Soft landing camp was one of the best weeks of my entire life. There’s almost nothing more magical than walking down the boardwalk at seaside heights with friends who come from all corners of the world.”

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The experience of a lifetime

Student exchange is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that shapes your future. We’re created a guide to help you plan your year in the USA. Please join our Information Session Webinar and then Apply Now to make that plan a reality.

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Want something specific on exchange in Florida?

If you want to be guaranteed that you can live next to the beach or in a famous city on your exchange program; or want or need a specific subject or sport, consider one of our Florida Select Schools. You can choose the Select high school that checks off all your requirements (whether it’s a sport, a subject, a location or an art program) – or our team can help you find your perfect Select high school match!

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