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A high school exchange is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that sets you up for future success. To ensure you have the best exchange experience, we’ve put together a team of high school experts who can guide and support you from start to finish. Many of our team members – and their children – have studied or worked abroad and know first-hand what it takes to create a successful and memorable high school exchange. We’re always here for you, in your home country and in your exchange destination.

James Crimp
National Director

James is the National Director of SCCE

Charmaine Chambers
Program Coordinator

Charmaine is a Program Coordinator for SCCE

Jessica Louisa
SCCE Program Coordinator

Jessica is a Program Coordinator for SCCE

Emma Egan
Marketing Manager

Emma is the Marketing Manager for SCCE

Carly Edwards
Finance Assistant

Carly is the Finance Assistant for SCCE

Jenny Hanson
SA Manager

Jenny is the South Australian Manager for SCCE

Cheryl Page
Placement Manager

Cheryl is the Placement Manager for SCCE

The high school experts

We at SCCE specialise in high school exchange and offer a wide selection of programs for exchange students.

About us

One Team Across the Globe

We belong to Educatius Group, a leading and trusted organisation within the field of international education.

One Team Across the Globe

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