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Select High School program

An experience made just for you

A high school exchange program is all about exploring new possibilities. Learn to ski, play football or become a cheerleader, study art or perhaps focus on STEM. Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do, we can tailor a Select Program exchange just for you.

Learn for life your way in the USA

Like our Classic Program, our Select Program sets you up for future success through immersion in a new culture and language. Select exchange programs offer even more. Our team of high school exchange experts will work with you to customise an experience based on your personal and academic goals. They’ll help you choose the school in the location and country you want. And when you some guidance, our team will be there for you in both your home and exchange countries.

Select Program Details

As the Select program eligibility depends on each individual school, details vary from country to country and school to school.

Countries Available: USA

Ages: 14-17

Accommodation: Carefully Screened Host Families

Duration: Academic Year, Academic Semester

Support: Ongoing expert support from our friendly team

Area Choice: Yes, and you can choose your school

Who is it for: students who want something particular on their program, or a strong academic pathway

The experience of a lifetime

Student exchange is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that shapes your future. Check out this short guide to plan your exchange program. Please join an Information Session Webinar online and then contact us to make that plan a reality.

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A dream school, an amazing host family

A Select exchange program starts with your ideal school, but the experience goes beyond academics. At the end of your school day, you’ll be welcomed home by a host family eager to share their daily lives and culture with you. You’ll enjoy dinners and weekend activities together, exchange stories in the local language and make connections in the community – all while going to a school selected by you and our exchange experts to meet your personal and academic goals.

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Your exchange, Learn for Life

Join an Information Session Webinar online to find out the difference between a Classic and Select Exchange program.

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