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Frequently Asked Questions

To challenge yourself by trying something totally different! Exchange students aged 14 – 18 are granted the opportunity to become part of another culture by living with an overseas family, attending the local secondary school, immersing themselves into another way of life in a meaningful and educational way. Students gain a new perspective on themselves! Attitudes and values become clearer. Curiosity about cultural differences grows. As well as gaining new friends, a second family and language skills, future education and career opportunities are often enhanced through participation in an exchange program.

As there is little continuity of educational systems throughout the world, your Australian or New Zealand schooling may be interrupted. IT IS CRUCIAL TO DISCUSS YOUR PLANS FOR A STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAM WITH YOUR SCHOOL. Education is for life and often happens outside the classroom. A cultural exchange experience accelerates personal development, decision-making capabilities, maturity, curiosity, knowledge, language facility, ability to persevere and acceptance of diversity.

SCCE is a not-for-profit organisation, therefore our fees reflect the actual costs of the program. All key program components are covered including: International transportation and taxes Overseas domestic transportation Student insurance Administration and support in Australia & New Zealand Regional representation Overseas administration and support A flight surcharge may be applied to all applications. We reserve the right to increase the flight surcharge if, at the time of making flight bookings, airlines are charging a higher amount for flight prices. If there is no increase made to flight prices then we will not charge a flight surcharge. Some of our destinations offer an optional orientation on arrival. SCCE will pass along the costs and do not make any money on this optional offering.

Regardless of the length of the student exchange program you choose, Australian, New Zealand and overseas staff have the same responsibilities for selection, host family placement, bookings, staffing, support and accessibility.

SCCE will decide if you are ready for life as an exchange student once your application has been completed. After selection we will help you prepare for differences in lifestyle and customs, but only you can understand and implement the attitudes and adjustments necessary for a successful student exchange program. Always remember: Not bigger, not smaller, just different. Not harder, not easier, just different. Not better, not worse, just different Such is the mantra of successful exchange students who stopped comparing things with home, accepted and explored the differences and immediately began their journey as a genuine local. Friends, fun, family learning – they’re all there waiting for you, but only you can make it happen successfully.

An exchange student learns best by becoming completely immersed in the host culture and daily host-family life, and through temporarily halting the Australian way of life. This is why we discourage friends going together. You can definitely encourage your friend to apply as well, but do not expect to be placed near each other as your placement will be determined by the best host family match – not geographically. It is a system that works very well to ensure you have the best chance at an amazing student exchange experience!

SCCE’s overseas affiliate organisation in the destination country knows best its host families, support personnel, schools and areas of the host country, and based on this they will select your host family. Their priority is to ensure that the relationship between the student, host family, school and host community is mutually beneficial.

As students have made contact with their host families prior to their arrival, the first meeting is often very relaxed; the relationship progresses as a pattern of normal life sets in. If at any time you should feel you need help understanding a cultural difference, or would like some advice, contact your Local Coordinator. Local Coordinators live nearby and are experienced with the challenges associated with the initial adjustment, cultural differences, and family or school compatibility. You may receive Local Coordinator contact details upon notification of your host family.

There may be school excursions, tours offered by the overseas affiliate, or a family trip to look forward to but any independent travel, however, is strictly prohibited.

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The experience of a lifetime

An exchange program is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that can help shape your future. Check out this short guide to plan your exchange. Please join an Information Session Webinar and then contact us to make that plan a reality.

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