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Southern Cross Cultural Exchange Local Coordinators

“With you all the way”

Local Coordinators are the absolute heart of our organisation.

They connect and support the international students and host families in their area as they live and learn through the exchange experience.

At SCCE, we always look for “LCs” across Australia and New Zealand to join our team.

You can make a real difference in your community as an SCCE Local Coordinator.

SCCE LCs provide support and guidance to Host Families and Exchange Students while liaising with head office.
Your primary role is to communicate, support, and visit international students and their host families in your area. You will also play a part in sourcing volunteer host families for future students through your community connections and relationships.
SCCE will provide both training and ongoing support throughout your role, and compensation plans are in place.

Our LCs often report that they enjoy enriching the lives of the exchange students and their families, they love “helping” everyone to enjoy the experience, and they themselves sincerely enjoy learning about other cultures and nationalities. In fact, many of our LCs become travelers as they meet their students in their home countries post the exchange!

If this position interests you, please join the thousands of proud Local Coordinators around the world and us.

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Support for local families

When exchange students come to Australia and New Zealand, they embark on a journey that will enrich their lives through the bonds they will make with their host family and through their participation in an Australian or New Zealand school.

These students will have the opportunity to take in some of our famous landmarks and customs while feeling like they are part of a family and one of the community.

You will be the catalyst for local families in your community to gain the amazing emotional rewards of this vocation. You will help foreign students to grow in knowledge, spirit, and character and to showcase Australia or New Zealand as a great place to live.

Essentially, as an Southern Cross Cultural Exchange Local Coordinator, you will be the facilitator for finding those perfect host families that will open their doors and minds to exchange students from another country, helping our students leave feeling like a true “Aussie” or “Kiwi” and with a head filled with incredible memories.

The role of a Local Coordinator

The safety and well-being of all exchange students are a top priority at Southern Cross Cultural Exchange. When you register your interest to become a Local Coordinator, you will receive training videos, ‘The Role of Local Coordinators,’ to introduce you to the basic principles of child protection and the associated legal and regulatory framework. We require all Local Coordinators to view the videos and understand their role in ensuring international exchange students have safe, happy, and rewarding experiences. 

Please submit your interest by registering here:

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Join our Local Coordinator Family

Southern Cross Cultural Exchange is always looking for more Local Coordinators to join our Student Exchange family.
Ask yourself:

  • Do you have an interest in other cultures and nationalities?
  • Do you have a love for networking and helping others?
  • Do you have a passion for sharing your amazing country, Australia or New Zealand?
  • Do you want to make terrific connections in your community?
  • And do you have effective communication skills and an ability to relate to teenagers?

If so, please enquire about getting involved! Although the role is volunteer in nature, there are compensation and rewards programs in place for the role.

Please register your interest here by completing the form.

Local coordinator videos

Find out more about the role of a Local Coordinator by viewing our SCCE training videos:

Keeping Students safe

SCCE Role of a Local Coordinator

Recruiting Host Families

Child Safety and Wellbeing

Interviewing outbound students

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