Southern Cross Cultural Exchange Ambassador Program

Get involved after your exchange

Become a part of our Ambassador Program and share your exchange year experiences with our community.

Our ambassadors are our students who have completed their exchange program, and have returned home.

You have experienced an exchange program with us and are passionate about sharing your high school exchange experiences and learning. You like to guide and inspire the students to start their high school exchange and get a learn for life experience. Be a part of our ambassador program!

4 Reasons why you should become Southern Cross Cultural Exchange Ambassador:

Become an inspiration

Encourage the other students to go on the exchange and explore the world.

Share your Learn for Life experiences

Share your exchange stories and become a high school exchange mentor for our new students.

Career growth

Take the chance to grow personally and professionally by working with high school experts.

Expand your horizons

Expand your exposure by working and supporting students and participating in other activities like creating exciting content for social media channels and, arranging webinars.

Our selection criteria

  • Must be on the high school exchange year program with us.
  • Passionate to share your high school exchange experiences and guide the new students in their exchange year journey. 
  • Share the same passion for exploring and connecting with the world. 

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