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The Sunshine State is waiting for you! Between a rich history and cultural mix, learn for life and go on a high school exchange program with Southern Cross Cultural Exchange. Explore the Everglades, go to Disney World in Orlando, discover Universal Studios, visit the NASA Space Centre, go to Pensacola, meet history in old historical forts, a weekend trip to the Bahamas… A year (or semester) abroad in Florida is a unique occasion to experience high school and life in one of America’s most popular destinations! Immerse yourself in the typical American culture of the South.

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Popular High schools in Florida


Get the experience of a lifetime

To travel on an exchange program is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. Join our Information Session online or download our high school guide!

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Study at a high school in Florida

Choosing to study abroad with Southern Cross Cultural Exchange means we will guide you to find the perfect program. And no matter which program you take, you will learn for life.

With SCCE, you can find your perfect program. Let us introduce all the options for you. Each of our programs is designed for you to Learn for Life, and become more independent, but with a safety net.

With our Classic program, you can make a request to be placed in Florida for an additional fee. You’ll only pay for this add on if your Florida request is successful, depending on Southern Cross Cultural Exchange’s number of spots available. Please note that spaces available for state placement requests are limited and will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis.

With our Select program in Florida, you can choose the school / district in the city you want and we have a wonderful selection of schools in Florida. Our expert staff will guide you to find your perfect match. Choosing the Select Program gives you the most control over your exchange program – and you can customise it by what you want to experience the most. Imagine a private school on the beach, or a public school that has a specialty golf program! With our USA Select program, you have the greatest control and choose the school that best suits you based on a specific subject, art, or sport.

Choose your high school in Florida on our Select program

If you want to choose where you will study and live, our Select high school program lets you choose your perfect location to study abroad in Florida. Go to a private day school if you want unique academic arts and sports programs as well as excellent pathway to university, or a public school if you want the traditional high school experience.

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