Embarking on a student exchange program will assist you in your education and life in so many amazing ways!
Imagine living overseas for 6 weeks, 2 months, 3 months, a full academic semester… even a full academic year!  There is SO much to see, experience and learn.  Instead of just being a visitor or a tourist, you will be a local and become immersed in the culture.  You’ll learn the language and gain absolutely invaluable international experience.  Not only will you learn a lot about yourself, but you will find that you walk away from the experience a much more knowledgeable and understanding global citizen with family and friend connections around the world!
Student exchange is many things:  fun, rewarding, educational and challenging.  Prepare to learn a whole lot about yourself and everything you are capable of achieving!  It’s not a wonder that future employers look upon exchange students with a smile.  They know that a high school student who has embarked on one of these programs has already proven how much they are capable of!
Student exchange programs promote tolerance, maturity and independence.  They challenge you to look at life and people with an international perspective, something that is very advantageous in our world today.


You are eligible to participate on a student exchange program with SCCE if you meet the following requirements:

  • still at school when you apply
  • in good physical and mental health
  • Australia:  maintaining the equivalent or better than a C grade average since Year 9 
  • New Zealand:  achieving a National Certificate of Educational Achievement at the appropriate level, or produce a statement from your school about anticipated levels of achievement when the certificate is awarded
  • mature and open-minded
  • flexible, adaptable, responsible and ready to learn
  • between 15 and 18 years old when you start your exchange program (exceptions may be made for 14 and 19 year olds)
  • an Australian or New Zealand resident


Student exchange is an investment for life.
The experience can be beneficial in many different and valuable ways:
  • Learn another language and open career doors 
  • Get to know how others live and come to see the world from another perspective
  • Test yourself and acquire independence and maturity
  • Make new friends and appreciate old ones even more
  • Gain experience and judgement

Long after you return home your exchange experience will influence and inform your life. It will provide you with a substantial backdrop from which to make future study and career choices. Employers are increasingly alert to the benefits of student exchange. Your experience will set you apart from the crowd and mark you as someone who has proven themselves in challenging circumstances. 

Experience the best of both worlds!

When you go on a student exchange program you live with a host family.  That family welcomes you into their home, their family and their community.  

Would you like to do the same for a student coming here?  Hosting an exchange student is a very rewarding experience.  Not only do you help in making a high school student’s dream of experiencing life in Australia or New Zealand come true, but you get the chance to see your own world through a visitor’s (aka – new family member!) eyes, and you get to grow your international connections and learn about the world from your own home!

  • YOU choose the student
  • YOU choose the duration
  • WE do all the work to make it happen and support you 24/7!
Learn more about becoming a host family HERE