Incoming Student Profiles

Would you like to host an exchange student?

If the answer is yes, or even a maybe, please enquire about becoming an SCCE volunteer host family today!
Our host families come in many shapes and sizes:  young families looking for a “big sister” or “big brother”, families with teens who are studying the exchange student’s native language, or just elderly couples looking to have a teenager in the home again.  Fill out our enquiry form and tell us all about your family and what you would like to gain from the hosting experience.  From there, we will be in touch with profiles that may be a good match!

YOU pick the student
YOU choose the hosting duration
WE organise the introductions
WE enrol the student into a local school
YOU are supported 24/7 by your Local Coordinator and Head Office

SCCE is currently preparing for students who are due to arrive in 2021.

If you have space in your home and hearts to make a child’s dream of experiencing New Zealand come true, fill out the enquiry form below to let us know that you may be keen to take part.  We will then keep in touch with student profiles as they become available.
Scroll down for testimonials!


“Hosting brought life back into our family.  We were so caught up in the day to day routines.  When we had an exchange student we did the little things again – playing cards, going to the beach, showing him our town and country… we all loved it”.

“Fulvia, we welcomed you into our home – and our hearts.  We are proud to forever call you our Italian daughter.  It’s been an absolute privilege to be your Ozzie family.  You’ve enriched our lives.  You are a great role model for our kids, we have spent more time as a family and because we have a guest (who is now family) we have been more polite and kinder to each other.  A great experience for everyone.”


“Before starting I was concerned about the relationship between our exchange student and younger children, but as we reach our 5th month we can see how amazing having our Camilla has been for our boys.  They honestly love her so much and we do most of our activities together”.

Important Points to Consider:

 Please know that SCCE supports our volunteer host families 24/7 through a network of caring Local Coordinators based in the community, along with our private Host Family facebook page and 24-hour phone line.

SCCE has been an approved Department of Education-registered entity for decades and is an established pioneer in the field of international cultural exchange.  We have all the parameters of safety in place for these students and their host families.

Please note:  If you are an outbound student on your own exchange program, or are going on program or have returned from program, you stand to qualify for our Priority Exchange Rebate. This rebate would be extended to you at the end of the program of the inbound student you host.