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Immerse yourself during your exchange program, at the centre of the rich history of the origins of the US. Boston played an important role in the American Revolution, resulting in a state full of museums for you to discover and walk back in time with your new American and exchange friends and classmates.

The state of Massachusetts has a fantastic location too, with a variety of landscapes for you to explore with your classmates and host family. It shares frontiers with New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, and even New York and Rhode Island. Going on an exchange program in the state of Massachusetts makes for memorable experiences. Choose one state and have access to five more close by. Imagine going on a day trip to New York city with your friends!

Enjoy your exchange program in Massachusetts, explore the world and learn for life!

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To travel on an exchange program is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. Please join our Information Session Webinar and download our high school guide!

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Choosing to study abroad with Southern Cross Cultural Exchange means we will guide you to find the perfect program. And no matter which program you choose, you will learn for life, with the support of our one team across the globe.

Let us introduce all the options for you. Each of our programs is designed for you to become more independent with a safety net.

  • With our Select program, you can choose the school (or district) in the city you want to visit. We have a wonderful selection of schools in Massachusetts so you can choose the location, sports and subjects you dream of! Our expert staff will guide you to find the perfect match. Choosing the Select Program will give you the most control over your exchange program – and you can customise it by what you want to experience the most!

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Massachusetts is famous for its academic institutions, and the city of Boston is renowned as an city of education, with a European feel. There are some of the best universities in the country such as Harvard or MIT. Some of our schools are even near the beach!

On our Select High School program, you can choose which school you are going to in Massachusetts. Expand your academic horizons and learn for life by customising your exchange abroad.

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