Choose the perfect school in the USA

When enrolling in our Select High School program, you have the most control to choose your school in the USA for your exchange program.

This is ideal if you already know what you want to get out of an exchange program in the USA. You may need to take certain subjects, want to be able to practise your favourite sport at an advanced level, choose the location or even join the cheerleading team or marching band.

We have an exceptional selection of schools in the USA in desirable locations. Please see below for some of our most popular high schools.

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High Schools in the USA

We’ve highlighted some of our most popular schools to give you an idea of what the Select program offers. The schools below are just a few examples of schools we provide in the USA. 

Duarte Unified School District, Greater Los Angeles Area

Duarte Unified School District is located in the suburbs of Los Angeles. This district offers an experience with typical American school life, including Cheerleading, Football and Film Making. Duarte Unified School District in Los Angeles is near the entertainment capital of the world, and international students can make the most of the convenient location to experience a new lifestyle in an accepting environment. 

Sierra Vista – Buena High School, Southern Arizona

Buena High School is located in Sierra Vista, Arizona. This is just over an hour’s drive from Tucson, and offers many academics, arts and technical education programs. Buena High School’s facilities include a Performing Arts Centre, and Alternative Learning Centre with computers, labs and meeting spaces.

Secure your school spot in the USA

Contact our team to discuss more about our different Select schools in USA. Together we will tailor the perfect exchange program to make sure that your American exchange adventure is what you have been dreaming about.

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