Policies and Procedures

Southern Cross Cultural Exchange is proud to be a recipient of International Standard ISO9001 certification, which means we operate using a quality management system essential for identifying and managing the expectations of our students and their families.  This is a very high honour in the industry which can give you peace of mind that we place the safety and wellbeing of our exchange students as our highest priority.  Through annual audits, we maintain and continually improve a Quality Management System that complies with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001.   CLICK HERE to read more. 

SCCE Programs offer a unique experience:

Every exchange student will have a unique experience due to the combination of their values and host family’s values. Within each culture there are immense varieties. SCCE and its overseas affiliate organisations will provide a high standard of preparation and support towards the success of the experience.

Components To Be Expected For Each Program

  • Professional selection process
  • No language prerequisites (except Japan and China)
  • Placement with carefully screened host family
  • Placement in local school (except some short programs to the USA)
  • Departure orientation and preparation in Australia
  • Arrival orientation in most  host countries
  • Expert advice on cultural differences and cultural adjustments
  • Worldwide support around the clock
  • International return transportation from Sydney or Melbourne (A surcharge is possible from other Australian capital cities)
  • Travel as a group when possible to the host country
  • Transportation overseas by air or train to host community and return
  • Overnight accommodation during travel or as a result of flight delays
  • Dedicated insurance, including cover for medical and additional expenses; loss of deposits; baggage, electronic equipment, deprivation of baggage and money/travel documents, cancellation and personal liability. Please be aware that full medical insurance is provided for all COVID pandemic related medical costs whilst on program but any other COVID specific related expenses including but not limited to early return or quarantine fees are not covered by this insurance policy. 
  • Australian and overseas airport taxes
  • GST

Components Not Included In Program Fee

  • Passport and visa fees
  • Personal expenses
  • Optional tours
  • Travel to and from the designated Australian departure points
  • Most substitutions for student travel arrangements require an administrative fee (as well as any extra airline charges and transfer costs, eg. “meet and greet”)
  • Language camps and soft landing camps
  • Quarantine Fees (if applicable). These could be applicable in your host country and/or your home country.

  • Please be aware that full medical insurance is provided for all COVID pandemic related medical costs whilst on program but any other COVID specific related expenses including but not limited to early returns are not covered by our insurance policy. 

Child Safety and Quality Management Policy

SCCE is committed to child safety with the Key Standards underpinning our Child Safety & Quality Management Policy being:

Organisational Culture

  1. An organisational culture that promotes child safety at all levels including through effective leadership arrangements.
  2. Screening, supervision, training and other human resources practices that reduce the risk of child abuse by new and existing personnel.
  3. An open, supportive and professional work environment.

Policies and Procedures

  1. Policies and procedures that provide clear direction to staff & volunteers in the conduct of their work.
  2. A code of conduct that establishes clear expectations for appropriate behaviour with children.
  3. Clear processes for responding to and reporting suspected child abuse.

Problem Resolution

  1. Resolve student, parent and partner queries promptly, professionally and in a friendly manner.
  2. Continually engage all stakeholders in meaningful consultation and communication.
  3. Give our students, parents and partners the utmost confidence in our services and ability to meet their needs.

Compliance Systems & Program Evaluation

  1. Meeting all statutory and regulatory requirements and agreed customer requirements.
  2. The continual development of compliance systems that enable staff to easily monitor the compliance status of all aspects of our programs.
  3. The continual development of program evaluation systems that provide data that can be used for quality improvement purposes.

Partners & Suppliers

  1. Working only with partners and suppliers who share our commitment to child safety and quality.
  2. Establishing working practices that are open, honest and professional.

Our Child Safety & Quality Management Policy is applicable to directors, employees, volunteers and partners and to any person or organisation that represents us, as well as all suppliers in the conduct of their activities for and on our behalf. This policy expresses the ongoing commitment by SCCE’s management and staff to understand, regularly review and continually implement these actions.

SCCE’s commitment to safety applies to all exchange environments (inclusive of physical environments such as school and host family locations, and online environments such as social media, chat forums and websites).

Child safety must be considered in the recruitment, screening, selection and management of staff, host families and volunteers in order to reduce risk of child abuse. Details about how to raise a concern about child safety are available in our Reporting Instances or Allegations of Abuse policy.

Financial Information:


Applications must include a deposit of $150. This deposit is refundable if the student is not accepted.  If the student is accepted this $150 goes towards the Program Fee.

Selection will be notified just as soon as all of the application procedures have been confirmed to the National Office. A successful selection will include a statement of account. Payments may be made by BPay, cheque, direct debit, or credit card to Southern Cross Cultural Exchange.

Insurance – Terms and Conditions apply

(Classic and Travel Assisted Exchange Programs)

Access to insurance cover is included in the SCCE Program Fee. The benefits include:

  1. Medical and Additional Expenses: Unlimited ($50 excess)
  2. Cancellation and Curtailment Expenses: $25,000 ($50 excess)
  3. ACE Assistance
  4. Loss of deposits (due to Unforeseen Circumstances): $6,000 ($250 excess)
  5. Baggage: $2,500 (limit $750 on any 1 item)
  6. Electrical Equipment: $2,500 ($50 excess)
  7. Money, travel documents: $1,000
  8. Personal Liability: $2,500,000

Students are provided with claim forms and contact details of the insurer as well as a copy of the relevant Product disclosure statement and Policy Wording.

Please be aware that full medical insurance is provided for all COVID pandemic related medical costs whilst on program but any other COVID specific related expenses including but not limited to early return or quarantine fees are not covered by this insurance policy. 

Southern Cross Cultural Exchange (SCCE) Group Personal Accident Insurance is underwritten by AIG Australia Limited (ABN 93 004 727 753 and Policy No 2200101118) and is subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the SCCE Group Personal Accident Master Policy. Under the Master Policy, covered persons (SCCE exchange students) have automatic access to cover. For full details of the insurance cover, including terms, conditions and exclusions, please refer to the Policy Wording and Product Disclosure Statement.

For a copy of the Insurance Claim Form, please click here.

Cancellation Forfeitures

Cancellations will only be accepted in writing and will be effective as of the date received by SCCE.  Provided all fees due up to the date of cancellation have been paid, refunds will be made in accordance with the following schedule:

  1. If a student is not accepted on to the program by SCCE – Full refund.
  2. If a student is not accepted by the overseas partner – Full refund.
  3. If SCCE cancels a program at any time prior to departure – Full refund.
  4. If a student withdraws from the program:
    • Before interview – Full refund.
    • After interview but before formal acceptance – Full refund less $150.
    • After formal acceptance:
      • 75 days or more prior to scheduled departure – Full refund less $1500*.
      • 74 days to 14 days prior to scheduled departure – 50% of program fee.
      • Less than 14 days prior to scheduled departure – No refund.
      • Failure of student to depart on flight – No refund.
      • Student voluntarily leaves or is dismissed from program – No refund.
  5. If a student has to return home after commencement of the program because of serious illness of the student or serious illness or death of a member of the immediate family, $100 refund will be paid for each complete remaining month of the program.

Nothing in these terms and conditions is intended to have the effect of contracting out of the provisions of the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (if applicable).

Please note that you can defer your exchange program if DFAT travel bans are still in place at the time of your program departure date.

*If you choose to enrol on one of our outbound programs but you cannot travel due to DFAT travel bans and the borders being closed then you will only forfeit your $150 deposit and not $1500 as stated in our standard cancellations and refunds terms (above). Plus you will receive the money refunded within 90 days. If you decide to cancel due to other reasons then the normal cancellation terms and conditions apply.

Financial Disbursement Chart

SCCE’s income is derived solely from Program Fees. In 2017 funds were dispersed as follows:

  • International Transportation & Taxes: 35%
  • Overseas Domestic Transportation: 7%
  • Student Insurance: 3%
  • Admin. & Support in Australia: 18%
  • Regional Representation: 3%
  • Overseas Administration & Support: 34%

Important Note

SCCE reserves the right to make adjustments to Program Fees should circumstances beyond SCCE’s control warrant such a change. SCCE also reserves the right to change or alter travel plans, program dates, program components or other arrangements including cancellations of programs or groups.