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Classic Exchange in Italy

Immerse into an Italian host family and local high school

Our Classic High School program is the traditional program that is most common among our students worldwide.

When enrolling in Classic High School, you will be matched with a loving family anywhere in Italy. Your future host family may live near the big cities of Rome or Napoli, on the paradise island of Sardinia, close to the alps in the north or somewhere along its long and beautiful coast. It is the ultimate program for you who want to get a genuine insight into the Italian culture and an experience that is impossible to get as a tourist. For you who have a wish of being placed in a particular region in Italy, it is possible to add an area request at an additional cost.

You can enrol in the Classic High School program in Italy for 6 weeks, 2, 2.5, 3 months or an Academic Semester or Year. An Area Choice option is available for Classic Semester & Year programs.

Exchange student with a friend in Italy


Students applying for the Classic Academic Semester or Classic Academic Year programs can request a host family & school placement in Rome, Florence or Milan for an additional fee:

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The experience of a lifetime

Student exchange is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that shapes your future. Check out this short guide to plan your exchange program in Italy. Please join our Information Session Webinar contact us to make that plan a reality. 

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