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Study at a high school in Ireland

Enjoy life as an exchange student in charming Ireland! Ireland is known as ‘The Land of Saints and Scholars’. Ireland has a warm and welcoming culture and is a popular destination for high school exchange students worldwide. The Irish hospitality makes it easy to settle in and make new friends.

Your host family in Ireland will speak English, but a large part of the population also speaks Gaelic. You can also pick up a few phrases from the ancient Irish language!

During your time in Ireland, you will have the chance to learn about Irish history and traditions. Ireland is also perfect for adventurous students who would like to try a new sport. Have you ever heard of hurling? It’s their version of hockey.

As an exchange student in Ireland, you will attend a local school with Irish students. You will have some mandatory subjects but may also choose between a few subjects, which vary between the different high schools.

Perfect for students who:

  • Are open for a placement all over Ireland
  • Curious about the Irish tradition and history

Mixed gender group of friends

The experience of a lifetime

An exchange program is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that shapes your future. Join our Information Session Webinar online, then contact us to make that plan a reality.

More options in Ireland

Even though the Irish Classic program is a traditional exchange program, we do have some options for you to secure you get your dream year.

  • With our Town Guarantee, we place you in a town with between 3.000 and 80.000 inhabitants.
  • We can offer you a Subject Guarantee, where you are guaranteed one of the following subjects: Math’s, Science, French, Spanish, German, History.
  • If you want to secure your favorite sports, you can buy our Sports Guarantee*, where you can choose one of these sports; Football, Rugby, Hurling (Irish Hockey), and get placed in a school that offers your sport!
  • If you are into the arts, we also can give you an Arts Guarantee**, where you can choose either Irish Dance or Music Group.

* Note that sports/arts guarantee is placement in an area where the student has access to their chosen sport or art preference which will be recommended by our local staff. It doesn’t cover the cost of enrolment in these clubs.

** Subjects based on the final decision of school and will be reimbursed in case they are not available

Happy students

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The best way to prepare for your exchange program is to join an Information Session Webinar.
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