Host Famliy Testimonials

Our SCCE host families come in many shapes and sizes:  young families looking for a “big sister” or “big brother”, families with teens who are studying the exchange student’s native language, or just elderly couples looking to have a teenager in the home again.
Every single host family experience is different, but one thing is always the same, when it’s a good match it’s lifelong and it’s a family member for life!  Scroll down to read testimonials from our wonderful SCCE host family network.
If you are interested in potentially hosting one day, fill our our Australian host family form HERE or our New Zealand host family form HERE.  We would love to welcome you into our worldwide SCCE family.

“Hosting brought life back into our family. We were so caught up in the day to day routines. When we had an exchange student we did the little things again – playing cards, going to the beach, showing him our town and country… we all loved it”.

“Before starting I was concerned about the relationship between our exchange student and younger children, but as we reach our 5th month we can see how amazing having our Camilla has been for our boys. They honestly love her so much and we do most of our activities together”.

“Fulvia, we welcomed you into our home – and our hearts. We are proud to forever call you our Italian daughter. It’s been an absolute privilege to be your Ozzie family. You’ve enriched our lives. You are a great role model for our kids, we have spent more time as a family and because we have a guest (who is now family) we have been more polite and kinder to each other. A great experience for everyone.”

“Give it a try, this is our first time and not only do we feel like we have gained a daughter, we also gained a family, her family who we regularly talk to, it has been an amazing journey so far and one that still has a number of months to go, the experience has not only been good for Mira but also our two little ones”.

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