Ambassadors and student reporters

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Our high school exchange students are inspiration for many teenagers who are still in their home countries and want to go on an exchange. At Southern Cross Cultural Exchange, we have built a community of current and previous Southern Cross Cultural Exchange students and provided them with an opportunity to share their exchange journey with other students.

Southern Cross Cultural Exchange Ambassadors

Who are Southern Cross Cultural Exchange Ambassadors?

Our ambassadors are our students who have already completed their exchange programs and have returned home.   

What do our ambassadors do?

We ask our ambassadors to share their high school exchange experiences with other students. They are part of our team and support us with creating exciting content for social media channels and advice for preparing students.  

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Southern Cross Cultural Exchange student reporters

Who are our student reporters?

Our student reporters are our students who are currently on their exchange programs abroad.  

What do our student reporters do?

Our student reporters are sharing their exchange experiences in real-time on our social media channels and help provide exciting content. 

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