The Give Back Exchange Fund – Australia

**Please note the Give Back Exchange Fund is currently unavailable**

Grants Available to Nominated Students

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Your school can nominate up to 5 students to apply for a grant from the Give Back Exchange Fund, helping equip them with a competitive edge and an investment for life.

Southern Cross Cultural Exchange and Student Exchange Australia New Zealand have collaborated to set up the Give Back Exchange Fund, worth $1 million. This fund has been created with a desire to give back to the community and provide more opportunities for high school students to experience both sides of the exchange program, from living life abroad to welcoming an overseas student into their home.

Being an exchange student is a rewarding, challenging and fun experience. Participants are not a tourist or a guest. They are actually living in their host country as a member of that community. Students who go on exchange:

  • are placed with a host family and attend a local school.
  • live like a local and become immersed in the culture.
  • learn the language and gain invaluable international experience.
  • learn a lot about themselves.

Student exchange programs promote tolerance, maturity and independence. They also encourage an international perspective. In a very competitive world these are highly sought after qualities.

Can your school nominate students who are bright, open minded, flexible young people who are willing to move outside their comfort zones and who want to learn about the world and themselves?
We would love to offer your school the ability to present one or more of these grants publicly within your community as your own School’s “Exchange Grant”.

The Give Back Exchange Fund will provide 60 exchange students across Australia with a grant that will dramatically reduce their program fee.  Students will only pay for their flights, insurance, visa application fees and any required airport assistance fees. All other fees will be covered by the Give Back Exchange Fund.

Students in Australia can apply for the following grants that are on offer once they have been nominated by their school.  The below program fee payable will cover the flights & insurance costs:
Academic YearJanuary or AugustDenmark5$2,990*
Academic YearJanuary or AugustFinland5$2,990*
Academic YearJanuary or AugustFrance10$2,990*
Academic YearJanuary or AugustGermany 10$2,990*
Academic YearJanuary or AugustItaly10$2,990*
Academic YearJanuary or AugustNorway5$2,990*
Academic YearFebruary or SeptSpain5$2,990*
Academic YearJanuary or AugustSweden5$2,990*
Academic YearJanuary or AugustUSA5$2,990*

A $500 deposit is required upon application. If the student’s application is not accepted the $500 will be fully refunded. The above Program Fee Payable will cover the flights & insurance costs. This fee does not include airport assistance on departure, visa application fees or the items listed on our ‘not included’ list. For a list of inclusions please refer to the Give Back Exchange Fund inclusions list.  The grant is forfeited if the student returns home before the end of the program except in cases of serious illness (verified by a medical practitioner) or death of an immediate family member. In these occasions, no fees will be charged.

The Benefits of Student Exchange Programs… An Investment for Life

Being an exchange student is an investment for life and complements a student’s formal education in important and exciting ways. The experience of living and studying overseas can bring enormous rewards:

  • Learn about the world firsthand
  • Open career doors they didn’t know existed
  • Get to know how others live and see the world from another perspective
  • Learn another language
  • Test themselves and acquire independence and maturity
  • Make new friends and appreciate old ones even more
  • Gain experience and judgement

Long after students return home, their exchange experience will influence and inform their life. It will provide them with a substantial backdrop from which to make future study and career choices. Employers are increasingly alert to the benefits of student exchange. The experience sets participants apart from the crowd and marks them as people who have proven themselves in challenging circumstances.



STEP ONE – SCHOOLS:  Nominate your students

Any school may submit a maximum of five nominations per year, and each nomination must be submitted on a separate form.  Incomplete forms may be considered ineligible for assessment.  Students need to send the completed nomination form along with their exchange application form online before the application deadline.   
Schools can download an information pack and nomination forms below:

STEP TWO:  Students – Submit your application with your school nomination form and Terms & Conditions

For our students, once you’ve obtained a nomination form from your school, you can start the application process! 
  1. Download our Give Back Exchange Fund terms & conditions.  Fill out the appropriate fields, scan your final copy and submit it with your application.  Please note:  you will be asked for a $500 deposit within this form.
  2. Click through to start an online application form.  You will be asked if you are applying via the Give Back Exchange Fund within the form.  Make sure you have a copy of your school’s nomination form to submit with your application, your finished terms & conditions, and ensure your application is for a destination that is available within the fund.

Application Deadlines

The Give Back Exchange Fund is still  open to receive student nominations, although we are not currently accepting any formal applications.  The deadlines for nominations are listed below. There are a limited number of grants available, so please nominate your students, or have your school nominate you, as soon as possible.
  • 31st October 2020 for August/September 2021 Programs
  • 31st March 2021 for January 2022 Programs


Grants are allocated on the basis that:
  1. the student meets the standard eligibility criteria and
  2. the nominating school has agreed to find volunteer host families for an inbound student of the same duration as the outbound student’s participation.  Schools can choose the appropriate inbound student to match their school interest or curriculum. Volunteer host families must be suitable and compliant with the Australian National Guidelines.  Ideally the family of the nominated student going on exchange is the preferred family to host an inbound student. In the case where the nominated outbound student’s family cannot host or are non compliant, hosting can be split between 2 families over the duration of the hosting period. Schools are required to facilitate hosting within a 12 month period from awarding this grant to the outbound student.

Both organisations will decide which students will receive a grant from the fund.

Give Back Exchange Fund Inclusions List

  • Meet and Greet service pick up upon arrival 
  • Return economy airfare with recognised airlines from the applicant’s nearest capital city in Australia
  • Travel to and from the host family at the beginning and end of the program
  • Comprehensive medical, baggage insurance & personal liability
  • Application process and selection interview
  • Assistance with the applicant’s visa application (applicants must pay the visa application fee)
  • Host family screening and selection
  • Enrolment at the participant’s host school
  • Pre-departure orientation and materials, including parent and student handbooks
  • Access to a personalised online resource and reporting centre packed with info to help the applicant prepare and make the most of their exchange
  • Safety Card that lists contact details for our office staff, local coordinator, host family, regulating authority and overseas partner (These cards also contain 24/7 emergency phone numbers)
  • Assistance with airport check-in at the major hubs in Australia (if requested)
  • Arrival orientation and materials in the participant’s host country
  • 24 hour emergency assistance
  • Professional support throughout the participant’s time away as necessary and required
  • Welcome home pack and opportunities to become a returned student advisor

Applicants should have enough money for any purchases they may need including personal items, telephone bills, textbooks, school uniforms, locker fee, purchase of lunch at school cafeteria, gifts for family and friends and any optional excursions they may take during their time away. These costs will vary depending on their host country.

Not Included:

  • Visa application fees
  • Airport assistance on departure
  • Passport and visa costs – individual students are responsible for the cost of passport and visa application. Visa application costs and procedures vary from country to country. Details are available from our office.
  • Life’s Little Extras- while the participants are away, their host family will provide them with food and accommodation. However, they will need to take some extra spending money for some of life’s little extras.

Applicants should have enough money for any purchases they may need including personal items, telephone bills, textbooks, school uniforms, locker fee, purchase of lunch at school cafeteria, gifts for family and friends and any optional excursions they may take during their time away. These costs will vary depending on their host country. 

Thank you for your interest.
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